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Our experts know how to keep the banks from taking what is rightfully yours

Bank Negotiation

We get written authorization to speak directly to the bank or mortgage servicer on your behalf.

Probate Law

We are here to help you prepare for when the unexpected happens.

Home Valuation

One of the first steps you need to take is to analyze your assets. Get a free expert valuation from us.

Financial Analysis

Your foreclosure/forbearance situation definitely has a timeline and we will build you a timeline.

Real Estate

Most the time the bank issue is resolved by simply putting your home up for sale.

Short Sales

Just because you have no equity doesn't mean you walk away. This option is much better.

We Keep The Banks Off Your Back By Stepping In The Middle...

Banks and mortgage servicers use sneaky tactics to scare you into making bad decisions.

We can help you in in these various stages of foreclosure:

Recent Cases

A family of four had a beautiful brand new home that was barely a few years old when the head of the house lost their job. They didn't know they had options and honestly thought the bank now owned the home. So they left their belongings and left. The bank was charging them thousands per month in fees and charges while chipping away at their equity. We quickly got in contact with the owners and told the bank we planned on selling their home and getting the loan resolved. I am happy to say that we were able to keep a foreclosure off their credit report and they even got a sum of money they didn't expect.
David Evans
We had a very particular case where we were anticipating doing a short sale for a client because we all felt he was underwater. A short sale is a great option in comparison to a foreclosure; however, it's best if we could resolve the debt altogether. This market actually allowed for just that to happen and now our client is eligible to finance a home again without a penalty.
Jon Turner Esq.

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