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According to the NRED:

Existing law establishes provisions which govern landlords and tenants of dwelling units and manufactured homes. (Chapters 118A and 118B of NRS) Existing law establishes provisions relating to summary proceedings for the
eviction of such tenants. (NRS 40.21540.425) Section 1.5 of this bill defines certain terms for purposes of this bill, including the term “designated eviction proceeding,” which refers to certain proceedings relating to the eviction of tenants who have defaulted in the payment of rent. Section 1 of this bill provides that the provisions of this bill do not apply to proceedings for evictions relating to: (1) commercial provisions of this premises; or (2) the sale of a premises or a nuisance.

Now that forbearance is over and eviction moratorium has expired, Nevada Assemble Bill 486 grants banks the ability to foreclose and evict those who are in homes that get auctioned.

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Attorney Jon Turner specializes in consultations prior to mediation. We do not necessarily want to advise that you sell your home as the first option because many times you may qualify for free assistance from the bank or servicer itself. It’s really best to talk to the attorney before anyone else so the situation can be assessed in its entirety. The banks would prefer you not to sell because they would make more on the auction itself from fees and interest alone. 

Foreclosures are public information so when your home gets listed, it will have a titled of “distressed” and not going with the right team can really affect how much your home sells for. Since we specialize in this department, your home gets treated like a traditional sale and buyers are left rest assured that we can make the process simple for them.  If you owe more than your home is worth, we can help you in a short sale which is still much better than a bankruptcy or foreclosure on your credit profile.

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