Bank/Servicer Recorded A Doc, Now What?

The good news is that if you are reading this, most likely we found you in time to take action and save your home from going to foreclosure. This page has resources to help you understand the process.

What To Expect


The first indicator that the bank is making a move to start the foreclosure process is that they will transfer the deed to a new servicer. These servicers specialize in taking back properties and they are skilled in dragging you along the process. The will send a series of letters to legally explain what is going on, but this is the best time to get help.

Notice Of Default

An Notice of Default is where the foreclosure proceedings begin and the judge has granted the timeline to start. At this point, “pre-foreclosure” status is placed on your property in public records which makes it viewable on third party sites. This is generally the point you start getting a lot of phone calls from “investors” to buy your home.

Notice Of Sale

When the notice of sale is granted by the judge, it gets published into a newspaper with the auction date. At this point of the process, you generally have under 30 days to pay the mortgage in full or to at least cover all the rears. A discounted sale price of your home or filing bancruptcy are close to your only options once this document is filed. 

We Specialize In Foreclosure Prevention

No matter where you're at with your bank or servicer, we can assure you that you have some options that banks won't mention.

2023 Foreclosure Records

This data is publicly available and we consolidated it into a map format. Anyone can access these records online at the recorders office and we compiled many databases so that you could access your details. To add to your privacy this information is only accessible if you are one of the parties involved by filling out this form. This is information that many investors and real estate agents looking to get a "good deal" and we do not disclose this information to any third parties.


Here are all the questions we get the most.

The timeframe really depends on when you contact us. Generally you have 120 days from when the Breach/Default and Election to Sell is filed with Clark County. In most cases, the homeowner contacts us right around the time they receive the first letter which is more than enough time to come up with a viable solution. Time is your worst enemy and the fees tend to get more expensive from the bank the longer you wait. We can’t emphasize this enough: time is of the essence!

Notice of default is the first step the bank takes to start their legal process. This is when your delinquency status is filed with Clark County and made public on goverment websites. Frequently, real estate investors will see it as an opportunity to make maximum profit by taking advantage of your situation. Rarely is selling your house to an investor for cash and quick closing date your best option. Do not be intimidated by the banks! You have time and options.

Most the times the issue with the bank can be resolved before they schedule an auction date for your home. In some rare cases, you will need to appear in court if your situation calls for it. You can consult with Jon Turner Esq, of Turner Law Firm, at no costs to you if you’re unsure of your legal options.

Do not walk away! You have options. This market has certainly gone up tremendously in value in 2021 so there’s a strong chance you have equity. We can put your home on the market so you make a profit. Walking away from a home will not only severely damage your credit, but it will take at least 5 years until you can finance another home. Time is the only way the banks will beat you and the sooner you contact us, the better we can help you. 

We always offer free consultations. Depending on what route you go, there may be a cost if your situation requires extensive legal proceedings. If we believe your situation will incur any charges from our team, we promise to be upfront and transparent about the cost during our initial consultation. We’re here to help!

A short sale is when your home is worth less than the current balance. Your best option may be to let us put the home on the market and negotiate a short sale approval from your mortgage servicer or bank. A short sale is much better than having a foreclosure on your credit report. When you have a foreclosure, you must wait 5 years to finance another home while the wait time for a short sale is only 2 years. We’re experts at negotiating short sales with banks so even if you’re upside down on your home, schedule a consultation with us.

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