How It Works

  • Determine Your Loan

    Depending on the type of loan you have, you have different options. As of right now, only loans backed by the government are going to qualify for the deferral program. Our team can help you determine which category you fall under. Schedule a time using by clicking the title!

  • 15 Minute Phone Call

    We will give you a call at your desired time to determine the best party for your particular situation. We will ask you some quick questions but we will have a property profile pulled up from your appointment details. We will set you up with a lender, attorney or agent to assist you with the forbearance process.

  • Contact Your Servicer

    We know that once the forbearance period comes to an end, many of you will not have the funds available to make a balloon payment if needed. Do not go at this alone! We are here for free advice and will only suggest any of the group's services if it is fitting to your situation. The servicer will ultimately be the one collecting the debt and reporting to the credit bureaus.

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